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General Information

The Mail Company and its logotype are registered brands that are owned by Técnicos Asociados en Logística Externa, S.L.

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Santa Leonor, 61, 28037-Madrid, España.
Tel. 902 090 091 / Fax 902 090 092
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Registration Details
Registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, volume 32,688, file 66, page B, num. 213,822
The domain www.themailcompany.es has been registered with the Commercial Registry, as required by article 9 of the LSSI.

Conditions for using the web site

Before using this site (the "website") of The Mail Company ("TMC") please read carefully the following conditions of use (the "conditions of use") that govern its use and access. You may use the website only if you commit to accept these conditions of use and should not use or access it if you do not completely accept them. By using or accessing the website, you and the entity you are authorized to represent ("you"), promise to follow these conditions of use.


TMC can revise and update, at any time, the present conditions of use. By continuing to use the website after the modification of said conditions means you accept said changes.

At its sole discretion, TMC can modify, supplement, eliminate or update without prior notice any aspect of the website, as well as modify the products and services offered via the website or impose charges to the same. When they feel convenient, TMC can establish or change the general practices and the applicable limit to their other products and services.

For all this, the user is obligated to revise the present general terms each time he/she access the web.


The information contained in this web is the valid on the date of its last modification and should be considered as introductory information for the user related to the products, services and other information contained in these pages. The Mail Company, hereinafter TMC, denies all responsibility derived from the misuse of the contents of the web and reserves the right to update them when it so chooses, eliminate them and limit or impede access to them, temporarily or definitively.


TMC is not responsible for the possible safety errors that could occur from the use of computers infected with computer viruses or from the consequences derived from the poor operation of the navigator or by the use of non-updated versions.


TMC offers the Website and makes it available only to companies or people of legal age with the capacity to legally enter into binding contracts in accordance with the applicable legislation. If you do not respond to these characteristics, you are forbidden to use the website.

Intellectual property

Each and every one of the intellectual property rights (the "Intellectual Property") associated with the Website and its content (the "Content") pertains exclusively to TMC, its affiliates or third parties. The Content is protected by law in matters of copyright and other legal standards. Other elements that appear on the Website are registered brands, service brands or commercial presentation ("Brands") of TMC, its affiliates or other entities that have granted TMC the right and license to use said Brands and may not be used or cause interference without the explicit consent of TMC, formalized in writing.

Except as otherwise provided in the present, TMC does not give you express or implied rights on the intellectual property of TMC or third parties.


TMC grants you a license of limited, personal, non-transferable, revocable nature that is not assignable through sublicenses. Said license gives the right to:

  • a) to use and access the Website, the Content and the Services exclusively as presented by TMC, and
  • b) to use and access the TMC computer services and network offered in the Website (the "TMC Systems") only in the manner expressly permitted by TMC.

With exception of the mentioned limited license, the authorization that TMC gives you to access the Website does not give any other right in regards to the TMC Systems or the information or data available through said Systems (the "Information"), nor in regards to the Content, the Services, the Website or any other element property of TMC.

You agree that TMC, at its discretion, can cancel or suspend your use of the Website, the TMC Systems, the Information, the Services and the Content when they feel it convenient with or without valid reasons, at its discretion, even if access and use continue to be allowed to others. Immediately after said suspension or cancelation, you must:

  • a) stop using the Website, and
  • b) destroy all the copies that you have made of parts of the content

The access to the Website, the TMC Systems, the Information or the Services after said cancelation, suspension or cessation will count as an act of intrusion. You agree that TMC will not be responsible before you or any other third parties for the cancellation or suspension of your access to the Website, the TMC Systems, the Information and/or the Services.

Restrictions applicable to the use of the website

Except as required by law or expressly stipulated in the present, neither the Content nor the Information can be analyzed through inverse engineering techniques, modified, reproduced, reissued, translated to another language or computer language, retransmitted in any way or media, resold or redistributed without the prior written authorization of TMC. It is prohibited to create, sell, put up for sale, modify, reproduce, exhibit, represent in public, import, distribute, retransmit or use the Content in any way without the express consent of TMC.

In addition to accepting the other restrictions listed in these Conditions of Use, you are obligated:

  • (a) to not mask the origin of the information transmitted via the Website.
  • (b) to not place false or misleading information on the Website..
  • (c) to not use or access any service, information, application or software available via the Website in manners prohibited by TMC.
  • (d) to not enter or load information on the Website
    • that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other computer routines whose goal is to damage, intercept, expropriate or interfere with any system, the Website or the Information or
    • that infringes on the Intellectual Property rights of third parties..
  • (e) to recognize that certain areas of the Website are reserved for TMC clients.
  • (f) to not use or access the Website or the Systems or Services of TMC in any way that adversely affects its operation, or that impedes access to authorized third parties.
  • (g) to not frame the Content or the Information or use framing techniques to install an outline around parts or aspects of the Content or the Information without the express consent of TMC given in writing.

Tracking of services and products

The use and access of the Tracking Systems on Deliveries, Services and/or Products are subject to the following conditions:

  • (a) The "Tracking Systems" are used to provide, among other functions, follow-up, transit time, collection points and address validation, as well as other information related to with the provision of services via TMC. You should use the Tracking Systems and the Information obtained from said systems only in relation with the services and products hired by you or in your name.
  • (b) TMC authorizes you to use the Tracking functions only for the follow-up of deliveries, products and services contracted by you from TMC for their delivery or trusted to third parties by TMC to be delivered to you. You will not be authorized to present the Information on deliveries, Products and/or Services in a website or in any other way reproduce, distribute, copy, store, use or sell it for commercial purposes except with the prior written authorization by TMC for the purpose. This service can only be used in a personal capacity, so that its functionality cannot be given to third parties. All access or use that is not in accordance with these conditions lacks authorization and is strictly prohibited.

Links to other sites

THE MAIL COMPANY denies all responsibility for any information not contained on these web pages and that, therefore, have not been elaborated or published with its name. It especially denies all responsibility for the information contained on web pages of third parties connected by links with the web pages of TMC.

  • (a) Outgoing links. The Website could contain links to Websites and resources of third parties (collectively called the "Linked Sites"), which are offered for practical purposes and without implicating any sponsorship of the content by TMC. The company makes no representation or statement of any guarantee on the correction, operation or quality of the content, the software, the services or the applications found in Linked Sites, nor does it take responsibility for the availability, content or activities of said sites. If you decide to access Linked Sites, you do so at your own risk and your use of the same is subject to the rules and applicable terms and conditions of use, including, without limitation, the confidentiality rules of these sites.
  • (b) Incoming links. In absence of a link contract with TMC, it is strictly prohibited to create link with pages of the Website other than http://www.themail-company.com through text links. The websites or other devices that link with http://www.the-mail-company.com or with any page available are prohibited to:
    • (a) duplicate the content,
    • (b) use an explorer environment or frames around the content,
    • (c) imply in any way that TMC or any of its affiliates approve the website or its products,
    • (d) make misleading declarations on real events, such as their relation with TMC or any of its affiliates,
    • (e) present false information on the products and services of TMC, and
    • (f) use a logo or commercial brand of TMC or any of its affiliates without the TMC written consent.

Limitation of responsibility

As permitted in the legal rules, TMC, its affiliates, licensors, suppliers or third parties mentioned in the website decline all responsibility based on guarantees, contract defaults, illicit civil acts, crimes or other legal theories, for accessory, indirect, copy, punitive, or emerging damages, lost profits or damages and losses resulting from data loss or interruptions of operations caused by the use or the impossibility of using the website, the TMC systems, the information, the services or the content, even when TMC has been notified of the possibility that such damage exists.

Fulfillment of the legal rules

You promise to use the Website strictly complying with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and in a manner that does not affect the commercial image or reputation of the company. You also promise to not cause any act that puts TMC in a situation of violation of the applicable rules.

The present conditions will be governed by the Spanish legislation that is applicable. TMC and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid for any controversy that may arise from the existence, interpretation or application of these General Conditions; except in cases where the user has the status of consumer or user in accordance with applicable Laws, in which this clause will not apply.

Integrity of the agreement

Unless otherwise stated in a license contract or service contract or another agreement in writing with you and TMC or the service guide and fees of TMC, as applicable, these conditions of use will constitute the entire agreement of the parties regarding the use of the website, the TMC systems, any software or services, information or content contained in the same, and will supersede any discussion, communication, conversation or prior pact related to the object of the present.