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Press releases


1,700 people in unfavorable situation will receive one more year the gift of the “Three wise men”, with the collaboration of The Mail Company

December 2, 2020

The Mail Company collaborates for the eighth consecutive year in the campaign promoted by Miaportacion.org, which seeks supportive people who make the Christmas wish of an adult who is attended by a social entity in Spain come true.

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The Mail Company incorporates ultraviolet (UV) light technology to disinfect packages and documents that are received in their mailrooms

September 16, 2020

Ultraviolet (UV) light inactivates microorganisms and is being widely used to sterilize surfaces, especially against COVID-19.

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The Mail Company Introduces DMR Flash: the first rapid deployment Digital Mailroom Solution

June 03, 2020

DMR Flash addresses the need to efficiently manage physical documentation flows in organizations that telecommute.
It is designed to cope with the current situation.

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The Mail Company becomes a preferred partner of Noysi and enters its Advisory Council

April 30, 2020

The Mail Company will provide its knowledge and expertise accumulated over the past 20 years in the field of information management and documentary logistics. For its part, Noysi will provide new functionalities, improving the user experience for clients of The Mail Company.

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The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management Hub, a solution aligned with teleworking

April 6, 2020

COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of teleworking in many organizations that, without an efficient alternative for managing their physical documentation flows, may have difficulty keeping up with their business activity.

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The Mail Company expands its capabilities in Portugal to supply the Portuguese market with its digital transformation solutions

March 19, 2020

In this way, for the first time in Portugal, it will have the same service capabilities that it provides to its clients based in Spain, which include logistics solutions, digital solutions, and project management and consulting services.

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The Mail Company, recognized by IFMA Spain for its work in the development of Facility Management

February 26, 2020

Last Thursday, February 20, at an event held in Madrid’s Las Mercedes Business Park, Luis del Barrio, Business Director, received a seal that accredited The Mail Company as a Company Committed to the Development of Facility Management in Spain.

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The Mail Company integrates the Noysi collaborative platform to its Corporate Communications Management Hub

January 27 2020

The more than 200 corporate clients of The Mail Company – about 40,000 potential users – will be now be able to enjoy this scalable, reliable and secure platform that includes chat, messaging, cloud storage and collaboration tools.

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The “Reyes Majos” campaign, with the collaboration of The Mail Company, will fulfill more than 1,700 dreams of people in an unfavorable situation

December 16 2019

The Mail Company collaborates for the seventh consecutive year in the campaign promoted by Miaportacion.org, which seeks every year solidarity people who make Christmas wishes come true for an adult person attended by a social entity in Spain.

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e-Box, the new solution of The Mail Company for the management of private shipments (e-Commerce) in corporations and office buildings

November 26 2019

e-Box is the new solution of The Mail Company to the e-commerce management in corporations and office buildings. The only solution on the market that is independent, comprehensive and integrated.

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The commitment to innovation and new trends in workspaces propel digital mailroom to a growing demand in the market

July 22 2019

The Mail Company is focused on the implementation of several Digital Mailroom projects in different corporations, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona. Digital Mairom has become in recent months one of the most demanded solutions in its portfolio.

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GIO-NEOS: more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices for the management of Mandatory Electronic Notifications

May 20 2019

The solution developed by The Mail Company for the integral and centralized management of Mandatory Electronic Notices of Public Administrations, already performs more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Headquarters only ten months after its launch.

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The Habibi team, co-sponsored by The Mail Company, distributes about 70k of solidarity material in Morocco

March 11 2019

University students Cassandra and Nina, members of the Habibi team, are already back in their homes after completing their participation in the Uniraid solidarity raid on March 3, which took them across Morocco from north to south, where they distributed about 70 k of solidarity material.

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The Mail Company bets again for the Uniraid solidarity rally and sponsors the Habibi team

February 20 2019

Cassandra and Nina, Business Management third-year students, are the components of the Habibi team, which will participate in the Uniraid solidarity raid from February 23 to March 3 in Morocco with the co-sponsorship of The Mail Company, which will also provide solidarity material to be distributed in the desert villages.

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The Mail Company will distribute more than 400 free gifts of the campaign “Buscamos Reyes Majos 2018”

December 10 2018

The Mail Company joins for the sixth consecutive year the project “Buscamos Reyes Majos”, which will grant Christmas wishes to 1,500 adults with unfavorable socioeconomic status.

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Sebas Lorente, ambassador of The Mail Company, second classified in the scratch category at the IWGOC 2018 held in Palma de Mallorca

Novembrer 19 2018

Sebas, former European wheelchair golf champion and motivational coach, also ranked sixth in the overall final scratch classification. He was the only Spanish representative in a tournament attended by 41 players from five continents.

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The golfer and motivational lecturer Sebas Lorente, ambassador of The Mail Company

Novembrer 02 2018

Sebas Lorente, former champion of Europe in wheelchair golf, will be the ambassador of The Mail Company and will represent the company in different sport and business events that will take place in the coming months.

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The Mail Company co-sponsors the conference “The impact of Facility Management in Smart Cities”, which will be held on September 19 in Barcelona

Septembrer 04 2018

The event will involve institutional, academic and business experts who will present their different points of view on what are the innovative solutions and trends in a new concept of cities.

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The Mail Company presents GIO-NEOS, the only solution in the market for the Integral Management of mandatory electronic notifications of public administrations

July 16 2018

GIO-NEOS integrates the three main processes: access-download, classification-distribution and presentation of writings through electronic registration.

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The Mail Company sponsors Sebas Lorente in his participation in the European Individual Championship of Adapted Golf

June 20 2018

The Spanish wheelchair golf player obtained the fifth position of its category in the European Individual Adapted Golf Championship held in the Portuguese town of Troia from June 6 to 8.

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The Mail Company sponsors, for the second year in a row, the “Team Bonache” that crosses Morocco participating in the solidarity race Uniraid 2018

February 26 2018

The Mail Company also provides 1,000 reflective bracelets that will help reduce the high rate of outrages that occur at night on local roads in Morocco due to lack of lighting.

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GIO reaches 18 million transactions

February 12 2018

After four years of full operation, the integrated operations management platform of The Mail Company (GIO) confirms its projection as a key element to promote the Digital Transformation of companies, as well as improving the efficiency of services.

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The Mail Company will distribute 250 free gifts of the campaign “Buscamos Reyes Majos”

December 18 2017

The company is collaborating for the fifth consecutive year in the campaign, which will benefit 1,400 people with unfavorable socioeconomic status in Barcelona, Cádiz, Gijón, Madrid and Valencia this Christmas.

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The Mail Company will address digital transformation in companies at the X Workplace Summit of IFMA Spain

November 15 2017

One more year, experts from the Spanish Facility Management sector will meet to analyze the latest trends in work spaces at the Workplace Summit 2017, that will take place this month in Madrid and Barcelona.

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The Mail Company reinforces its commercial presence in the East of Spain with the incorporation of Sebastián Gómez

November 14 2017

Sebastián Gómez is the new head of external relations for the Eastern zone of The Mail Company. His framework of action will be the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands, where The Mail Company is in a moment of expansion.

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Enagás entrusts to The Mail Company the Digital Transformation of its service of Mailroom and internal logistics

20 july 2017

The Mail Company is deploying its Digital mailroom solution, unique in the peninsula, in the three corporate headquarters of Enagás, located in Madrid.

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The Mail Company sponsors for the fourth consecutive year, the main European tournament for wheelchairgolfers

11 april 2017

The best players in Europe in wheelchairs will meet in Sitges on 26 and 27 April to play the “EDGE-Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers”.

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The “Team Bonache”, sponsored by The Mail Company, wins the prize for the most solidarity team of Uniraid 2017

10 march 2017

The “Team Bonache” team completed its participation in Uniraid 2017 after having crossed Morocco from north to south and distributed more than 30 kg of solidarity material in the villages of the desert.

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The Mail Company collaborates one more year with the social project “Buscamos Reyes Majos”

15 december 2016

The initiative will benefit this Christmas to 1,000 people in unfavorable socio-economic situation of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Asturias, Valencia and Cadiz.

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Actualidad Económica recognizes e-Courier Management as one of the 100 best innovative ideas of the year

30 may 2016

The leading Spanish economy magazine Actualidad Económica has awarded in its category of services, e-courier Management of The Mail Company as “technology 100% customizable to manage in real time all services parcel courier, mail and digital certification of a company”. Text in Spanish

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Richard Kluwen wins the “EDGA-Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers” sponsored by The Mail Company

22 april 2016

Sebas Lorente, promoter of the tournament, is runner-up one point behind and winner of the Handicap category.

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The Mail Company sponsors for the third consecutive year, the main European tournament for wheelchairgolfers

1 april 2016

The success of previous editions has made the tournament be incorporated into the official calendar of the top European organization for adapted golf (EDGA). (text in Spanish)

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The Mail Company initiates the digital transformation in its mailroom services

15 march 2016

Incorporating Paperless technology will enable faster delivery times and save more than 2,000 kg of paper per year. (Text in Spanish)

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