The “Team Bonache”, sponsored by The Mail Company, wins the prize for the most solidarity team of Uniraid 2017



The “Team Bonache” team, sponsored by The Mail Company, completed its participation in Uniraid 2017 after having crossed Morocco from north to south and distributed more than 30 kg of solidarity material in the villages of the desert.

The components of the team, Philippe Castellví and Victor Calvo, completed the seven stages of the raid carrying eight laptops that distributed along the route. Six of them were turned over to the Desert Schools Association, one to a family whose oldest son is in college and the last to a local school. In addition, the “Team Bonache” distributed reflective bracelets provided by The Mail Company, which will help to reduce the high rate of outrages that occur at night on Moroccan local roads for lack of lighting.

All this has made them worthy of the honorary award to the most supportive team of the raid. “The children threw themselves at us hoping to get some presents. That’s where we realized how important our contributions were. And the bracelets provided by The Mail Company were very well received, especially for the mothers, who were very grateful“, says Philippe Castellví.

Uniraid is an exclusive solidarity raid for students between the ages of 18 and 28 that seeks to promote entrepreneurship and teamwork, which has become evident throughout the course. As Víctor Calvo explains, “we have been able to see firsthand how important it has been to work together. The participants did not worry about the classification at any time: what really mattered to us was helping each other, so that we all managed to reach the goal. We ourselves have needed help in some moments, and the nicest thing is that it was not necessary to ask for it, everyone offered to help in whatever was necessary“.

The students are absolutely pleased to have participated in this adventure, which qualify as “a highly recommended and enriching experience in every way, during which you go through all possible moods and learn to value what really matters“.

The unique name of the team, “Team Bonache”, was chosen by the students to support the fight that a classmate and friend of both are fighting against cancer, so that the team’s participation in Uniraid 2017 fulfilled a doubly supportive goal.