Services and processes aligned with sustainability

Facility Management & Services


By Luis del Barrio
Director of Marketing and External Relations of The Mail Company

Under the philosophy of Wellbeing, attention is being paid to a new configuration of workspaces to make them more pleasant and motivating. This bet is completed with new ways of managing the services that support the work routines of the professionals within these buildings betting on the rationalization of the processes where digital transformation is increasingly important.

Mailroom, a critical service that helps the sustainability of buildings

Mailroom is a critical, operational unit and essential in large corporations, buildings and business parks. It is the physical link (documentation and parcels) between the internal and external environment of any organization. The balance between the speed to ensure business dynamics related to information flows and sustainability was one of the challenges we faced inThe Mail Company as a company specialized in consulting and developing solutions. Therefore, the functionalities of our GIO Platform and the development of our own methodology allow us to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

The grouping of deliveries in delivery rounds avoids intensive use by transporters and messengers of common elements such as elevators and lighting. In this way the energy consumption is optimized, making the building a much more efficient installation and this would not be possible without our “Expertise”. On the other hand, the GIO Platform (own technology) incorporates a delivery module with a multi-digital biometric signature system in an electronic device, for the control of delivery of documents and parcels, transforming the traditional signature into physical delivery receipts, by processes 100% digital

Savings of 15 tons of CO2

The Paperless Project, promoted by The Mail Company, is an evolution of our services of Mailroom towards the concept “Mailroom 2.0”, which involves the transformation of most of the physical processes of a Mailroom into digital ones, with the consequent benefits in terms of agility and efficiency, as a prelude to Digital Mailroom, where we move from the management of documentation to a true management of information within our organizations. And of course, key in the preservation of the environment. In addition to saving on paper, printing and file management, the automation of the process streamlines delivery and allows immediate access to information.

Some data to conclude. The implementation of the Paperless project in early 2016 has saved some The Mail Company customers more than 2,000 kg of paper per year, which has meant avoiding the felling of more than 300 trees, saving more than 531,000 liters of water and avoid emissions of 15 tons of CO2.