The Mail Company presents GIO-NEOS, the only solution in the market for the Integral Management of mandatory electronic notifications of public administrations

The Mail Company introduces into the market the new GIO-NEOS service, designed to help organizations respond to electronic exchange with public administrations and official bodies, mandatory for companies following the entry into force of Spanish Law 39 / 2015, of the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations.

GIO-NEOS is the only solution on the market that integrates in a single platform the three main processes in the mandatory electronic notifications of public administrations:

  • Access and download of electronic notifications
  • Classification and distribution of electronic notifications and submission of briefs
  • Response of notifications through Electronic Registry of the General State Administration

GIO-NEOS simplifies the management of mandatory electronic notifications in a single platform, which provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized management Electronic offices
  • Web access 24/7/365
  • Centralized distribution regardless of the format
  • Presentation of writings and answers to requirements
  • Traceability and informationsSecurity

A valid digital certificate, required

How does GIO-NEOS work? To access the different electronic sites and download the notifications, it is necessary to have a valid digital certificate and authorization for each of the companies that you wish to include in the GIO – NEOS service. The Mail Company recommends the use of a Centralization of Certificates solution for the management and control of access to certificates, a solution that we also offer to our clients.

The notifications, once downloaded from the different electronic sites and captured their relevant metadata, are classified according to the criteria established by the client. After their classification, the electronic notifications are distributed through the GIO computer tool, according to the times and established business rules.

Integrated with the Electronic Registry of the General State Administration
The Mail Company solution is integrated with the Electronic Registry of the General State Administration, which allows the submission of documents for processing to any administrative body of the General State Administration, public body or entity linked or dependent on these, in accordance with the provisions of Law 39/2015. This facilitates the direct submission of requirements and notifications received from the organizations attached to the System of Interconnection of Registries (SIR).