The Mail Company bets again for the Uniraid solidarity rally and sponsors the Habibi team

The Mail Company Uniraid 2019 Cassandra y Nina

Cassandra and Nina, Business Management third-year students, are the components of the Habibi team, which will participate in the Uniraid solidarity rally from February 23 to March 3 in Morocco with the co-sponsorship of The Mail Company, which will also provide solidarity material to be distributed in the desert villages.

The Habibi team is one of the 60 teams participating in Uniraid 2019, which assume the challenge of overcoming its eight stages with only a roadbook, a map and a compass (without GPS or electronic devices), on board a car of more than 20 years, transporting at least 30 kg of solidarity material that they themselves distribute in different desert villages. This year, in addition, Uniraid presents new challenges: a two-day marathon stage, a night navigation stage and a stage in the Atlas, which means that apart from dunes and sand rivers, participants will have to face snow and mud at 2,200 m of altitude.

In addition to financial support to launch the challenge, and given the great acceptance they recorded in the past two editions, The Mail Company will also provide 250 reflective orange bracelets aimed at reducing the high rate of road accidents that occur at night on the Moroccan local roads for lack of lighting. These will be part of the more than 50 kg of solidarity cargo that the Habibi team has managed to gather to deliver in different towns and schools that the organization has selected. Centriboet, Maxiloclinic, Oraltek, Tendam and GB Foods are the rest of the sponsors of the team, who have provided financial support or solidarity material.

The word “habibi”, originally from the Arabic language, is an expression to show affection towards a person. “As we met at an early age, and we wanted to make this rally to help and support those who need it, we thought that this name represents our team spirit“, the participants point out.