The Mail Company expands its capabilities in Portugal to supply the Portuguese market with its digital transformation solutions

Oracle Porto

The Mail Company has started the commercialization in Portugal of all the services integrated in its Corporate Communications Management Hub, including its digital transformation solutions DMR (digital mailroom) and Certified Online Communications, as well as its innovative e-Box logistics solution for management of personal e-commerce in corporations and office buildings.

In this way, for the first time in Portugal, it will have the same service capabilities that it provides to its clients based in Spain, which include logistics solutions, digital solutions, and project management and consulting services such as Solution Design, Cost Optimization Projects, Licensing and BPO Solutions.

To do this, The Mail Company has reinforced its commercial structure in the Portuguese country, where it hopes to increase its sales thanks to the expansion of its range of solutions. The objective, according to Joan Jerez, Business Director Catalonia & Portugal of The Mail Company, is “to replicate our business model of Spain in Portugal, where we have overcome the concept of a service company to present ourselves as a technology company that provides innovative value solutions included in our Corporate Communications Hub”.

The Mail Company started its operations in Portugal in 2010 with the aim of providing Iberian coverage to its clients based in Spain, to which it has been providing Reception, Mailroom and messaging management services through its e-platform so far. Courier Management. With this range of services, he has gained confidence in Portugal from clients such as L’Oréal (exclusive to the Portuguese country), Oracle, Chubb and Diageo.

The current qualitative leap represents, for Joan Jerez, “a firm commitment to consolidate our presence in Portugal, a country in which we wish to deploy all our capabilities to grow and consolidate ourselves as specialists in digital transformation“. In the Portuguese country, The Mail Company currently operates in Lisbon and Porto (in the image, Oracle building in Porto, where The Mail Cosmpany provides the Reception service).