The Mail Company becomes a preferred partner of Noysi and enters its Advisory Council

The Mail Company’s commitment to integrate new features in its Corporate Communications Management HUB continues.

Following a first agreement signed in December 2019 with Noysi, the platform for easy and effective communication between team members, employees of various work centers and also with third parties, both companies have ratified this week a new collaboration protocol by which The Mail Company becomes one of its main partners and becomes part of its advisory board, where it will use its knowledge and expertise accumulated over the past 20 years in the field of information management and documentary logistics. For its part, Noysi will provide new functionalities, improving the user experience for clients of The Mail Company.

The rise of collaborative teleworking platforms at this juncture produced by the COVID-19 has accelerated the agreement. As José Manuel Castellví, co-founder and CEO of The Mal Company points out, “it has been during these weeks when we have seen that new trends in work environments and telework will require secure, productive and integrable collaborative platforms in our business model. Noysi fits perfectly into this philosophy of providing value for our clients.”

Castellví also added that “not only in a teleworking environment as complicated as the current one, also from now on the Noysi functionalities integrated in our HUB will facilitate coordination tasks with third parties and collaborative work, something very important for our business model“.

In this way, The Mail Company’s more than 200 corporate clients and its nearly 40,000 potential users will be able – via licensing – to enjoy Noysi, a scalable, reliable and secure platform that includes chat, task management, messaging, cloud storage and collaboration tools such as video calls, screen sharing and broadcast (both 1 to 1 and group).

For Héctor del Castillo, founder and CEO of Noysi, “the current situation has unmasked by many collaborative platforms, which do not offer the expected benefits or security. It is not our case, on the contrary. The sample is The Mail Company, which has reinforced its commitment to us”. Del Castillo has remarked that “The Mail Company’s experience and trajectory of two decades will help us adapt and improve our platform to the specific needs of new sectors that they know perfectly well”.

NOYSI-HUB integration in autumn

The new agreement will also streamline the integration into Noysi of The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management HUB. The HUB manages and harmonizes all the information received or sent by an organization, regardless of who is the sender or the recipient, the medium in which it is contained (paper or digital), the physical channel (messaging, mail, internal distribution, and -commerce), or the digital one (electronic notifications, certified online communications, etc.).

With this HUB, which will be fully integrated into Noysi next fall, companies will be able to homogenize and streamline the format of all incoming and outgoing communications, turning physical documentation into digital, and distributing them electronically through a secure digital folder environment. (personal or departmental).

Having a collaborative environment like that of Noysi will not only allow easier use and greater interaction with colleagues and third parties, but will also facilitate permanent and remote accessibility to information – as is currently happening – improving security as it provides full traceability in access to information and empowers greater agility of processes, with increased efficiency, more agility in decision-making and, therefore, greater productivity and competitiveness.

In the cost chapter, The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management HUB optimizes the expenses of managing documents in physical format: it frees up space dedicated to filing in offices, use of internal courier, as well as re-expeditions , copies and reprints. Since the organizations that implement it have practically eliminated the paper of their activity, this set of solutions also contributes to environmental sustainability.