The Mail Company Introduces DMR Flash: the first rapid deployment Digital Mailroom Solution

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The Mail Company, the company that launched the pioneering Digital Mailroom solution (DMR) in 2015 in Spain, now presents DMR Flash, a “lite” version of its electronic documentation reception and distribution system, designed for its implementation in record time in companies that telecommute.

Letters, suitcases, envelopes with documentation, etc. They continue to arrive daily at the offices, but… how can we get them to the recipients who telework quickly and efficiently? The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of telework in many organizations, but part of them do not have solutions that allow them to manage these physical documentation flows, which may affect the pace of their activity.

Developed specifically to cope with this situation, DMR Flash is a solution that combines technology and processes to digitize all the documentation received and distribute it electronically through a system of digital trays that authorized users can access remotely 24 hours a day. To meet the current needs of organizations, The Mail Company has managed to reduce the implementation time in this solution to one week.

The documentary operation of DMR Flash includes the opening, classification, digitization, indexing, distribution, filing and temporary custody of all the documents received, activities that take place in the Documentary Processing Centers that The Mail Company has in Barcelona and Madrid.

The DMR Flash service is designed to be implemented quickly and is ideal as a transitional phase until the activation of a complete DMR service with all its functionalities,” explains Luis del Barrio, Business Director of The Mail Company. Indeed, the company has managed to reduce the implementation process by up to a week, which is why “it is a very suitable solution for companies that are teleworking without having resolved the management of documentation flows, which continue to reach the offices,” he adds.

The DMR service offers full traceability on the documentation, from its reception in the Document Processing Centers that The Mail Company has in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​to the accesses and the actions carried out by the users in each digitized document.