Develop custom solutions

We provide our clients with the expertise of more than 15 years of developing personalized solutions in the fields of Digital Transformation, Shipping and Support Services.

By using a method of working in three phases, our consultation service provides solutions in those areas of technology and process transformation.

Phase I

  • Internal auditing of the levels of service, processes and costs
  • Services consulting

Our specific methodology allows us to analyze current processes, model new processes and needs starting from the client’s strategic objectives and carry out their implementation.

Phase II

  • Implementing turnkey projects
  • Services consulting

In this phase, clients start to see improvements in productivity and a reduction in costs. By means of implementing technological means and trained human resources, we optimize processes throughout the entire work cycle of a solution and are able to increase the performance of solutions.

Phase III

  • Implementing the model
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Continued improvements

Tracking the implementation and the continuous measuring of service allows us to adjust the parameters and progressively improve the efficiency of a solution.

Specific projects:

  • Projects for optimizing costs
  • Creating technical documentation (service models, KPI’s, procedures)
  • Creating technical specifications
  • Tools for managing services