Front desk and Reception Services

The Reception service is one of the first impressions that visitors receive at an organization and/or property, and should faithfully present any values through excellent service.
Excellence of service

Image and professionality

We provide our clients with qualified staff who have rigorously passed the selection process, have experience and are specifically trained for each service, with its image, dress code and uniforms aligned with the values of the organization.

Stability of work teams

Our exclusive contracting and payment policies are focused on creating stable and career planned positions, which translates into a lower index of turnover for the market along with the highest quality service.

Managing service

We provide a fully outsourced service. From the levels of service agreed to with the client and the setting of the corresponding KPI’s, we develop work procedures and parameters for our exclusive software. Through all of this we take on the implementation of the service and supervise and regularly measure the levels of compliance, as well as efficiently manage any potential contingencies that may arise.


Corporate reception


  • Visitor service and calls
  • Managing meeting rooms
  • Customer service

Property reception

Recepción Inmobiliaria

  • Office/filing support tasks
  • Internal logistics
  • Support tasks

It is news

The Mail Company manages the Mailroom and Reception of Novus Building

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Oracle also contracts our Reception service

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Reception services for the Francisco Miras Notary

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Ángeles Ruza Rodriguez

CFO – Controller at Electrolux Professional

“The Mail Company has been providing support to Electrolux Professional for more than a decade with our receiving and messaging, which shows the high level of satisfaction on our behalf, and also that of the other companies from the group, Electrolux Spain, which started working with them last year.
Their response time, quality of management, continued innovation and their eagerness to improve are the things that have allows them to have a minimal number of incidents during this entire time and what encourages us to face the future with a guarantee for success.”


Itziar Carreras

Facility Coordinator Spain, GFM – Global Facility Management, SAP Spain

“I want to emphasize the work, implication and satisfaction in regards to the staff that we have for managing the Reception service at our offices: they do a great job and provide excellent service to our clients and employees, giving the required level of professionality and image for SAP.
The Mail Company give me peace of mind to work with great professionals, who will provide me with the best Service solutions, excellent management and who will respond quickly and efficiently to any need, as they have always done.”