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The commitment to innovation and new trends in workspaces propel Digital Mailroom to a growing demand in the market

July 22 2019

The Mail Company is focused on the implementation of several Digital Mailroom projects in different corporations, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona. Digital Mairom has become in recent months one of the most demanded solutions in its portfolio.

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GIO-NEOS: more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices for the management of Mandatory Electronic Notifications

Mai 20 2019

The solution developed by The Mail Company for the integral and centralized management of Mandatory Electronic Notices of Public Administrations, already performs more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices only ten months after its launch.

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The Habibi team, co-sponsored by The Mail Company, distributes about 70k of solidarity material in Morocco

March 11 2019

University students Cassandra and Nina, members of the Habibi team, are already back in their homes after completing their participation in the Uniraid solidarity raid on March 3, which took them across Morocco from north to south, where they distributed about 70 k of solidarity material.

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