The Mail Company

Specialists in consulting and developing personalized solutions in the fields of Digital transformation, Shipping and Support services

We help businesses and business communities optimize their levels of service and associated resources, as well as reduce costs.

Solutions and services that are efficiently outsourced

We develop custom solutions that allow for the efficient management from a control center and the transparency of information in real time, within three areas:

Digital Transformation

We help our clients evolve toward a paperless office in order to become more flexible in making decisions, increasing productivity and reducing costs.


E-Courier Management solution for efficiently managing and controlling budgeting for deliveries.

Support Services

Custom solutions for the areas of mailroom, reception/front desk and support for work peaks and specific tasks.

Leading businesses in their sector and symbolic community businesses trust our model of outsourcing.

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Our clients have relied on long term relationships with The Mail Company: with some of them working with us for more than a decade thanks to the efficiency of our model.


  • Know-how: our 15 years of managing outsourcing services for mailrooms, shipping, document management, reception and front desks, have allowed our clients to gain significant savings and improvements in management.
  • Developing turn-key solutions that are costumed made for the clients’ needs.
  • A philosophy of continual improvement through monitoring critical indicators in real time and systematically optimizing the service.
  • Innovation
    • Developing the implementation of exclusive management models based on monitoring and optimizing the use of service and obtaining management information for all levels of service.
    • Investing in the development of our own and exclusive technology in order to make it easier to manage our services, track them and control budgeting in real time (GIO platform).
    • Developing pioneering solutions in the Iberian peninsula: Digital Mailroom (DMR).